Champions’ Planning Workshop

This online training aims to equip Champions and local church First Thousand Day (FTD) teams to take their next steps as they seek to create warm, hospitable environments for families with small children to feel a sense of support and belonging.

This workshop will assist Champions and their team to look at how their church can use its strengths to best care for families within their community. It will be a time to share creative ideas and to make practical plans to guide their churches in becoming FTD-Friendly.

Requirements to attend this training

Champions and members of a team that focuses on serving families in the First Thousand Days (FTD). Depending on the leadership structure of your church, you may want a pastor, or key leader from the church to attend, too.

Please note these requirements to attend:

  1. All participants have attended Sikunye’s The Church & Early Life Webinar.
    Invite your FTD Ministry team to attend The Church & Early Life webinar to understand what FTD is and what the role of the church is.
    To attend the upcoming webinar in November Find out more
  2. Activate Your Church
    To participate in this online training, churches need to be activated (signed up/ registered) on the Sikunye website. Speak to your church pastor / leader to Activate Your Church
  3. Have a signed up Sikunye Champion in your church.
    If you are a church pastor / leader, consider who could be your church’s Champion (FTD point person or key leader) to be part of moving things forward in your context. Sign up to Become a Champion
  4. Register all 3-5 people to attend this training.

Practical ways to make this event impactful

  1. Recruit or invite a small team of 3 to 5 people from your church to be part of this planning workshop. These people could become part of your FTD ministry team (including your Champion)
  2. Do it together.
    Have this group of people attend the online training together. This could be a home, or church office where there might be a stable internet connection. Having conversations about your church will be much more productive. You can use one device in that venue to join the zoom training.
  3. Register all 3 to 5 people to attend this training