Church Leaders

Your church can make a significant difference in seeing children reach their God-given potential.

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As a church leader, we know you already believe that local church is a powerful community. 

When you see what doctors tell us about how babies develop, when you look at what the Bible tells us of God’s heart for young children and when you look at what your church can do, you will see an incredible opportunity: your church can play an important part in seeing all children reach their God-given potential.

We know you carry the whole congregation on your heart. We don’t expect church leaders to do everything, or be the only people supporting families, but there are some things that church leaders are best positioned to do. We outline some steps below that can guide your next steps as you explore how to best serve families with young children.

Next Steps For Church Leaders

Get inspired about how your church can play a part in giving all children a strong start to life. If you haven’t, we suggest you start by attending one of our Church & Early Life webinars (and encourage other leaders in your church to do so too), exploring more about the big idea and diving into what ‘FTD friendly’ means.

Activate your church to be able to access a range of events and training for you and your congregants. This is a commitment to taking more steps to support and strengthen families in and through your church.  

Use our church leader resources to guide some of your next steps. Your church has strengths and is different to every other church. With this “Activation Kit” in hand, you can prayerfully discern what your church can be doing.

Appoint an FTD champion to lead a team within your church. This is a key person that you can work with to ensure that you don’t have to do everything. Sikunye works with these champions to strengthen and support the work they are doing in and through your church.

Get the whole church involved.  Help the whole congregation see how they can play a part in serving and supporting families. Explore our tools for FTD-churches for some ideas. 

Keep connected and supported by attending our Support Webinars and our Sikunye Gatherings.  Keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter, following our social media and reading the stories of change that are taking place in churches all over South Africa.