The Big Idea

We believe that every church can play a part in writing a new story for the future of South Africa. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of families and young children – as well as to their futures.

The Big Idea

For children to thrive, they need to have caring families. And families need supportive communities around them. This is the big idea: churches are positioned and equipped to be that community.

FTD-Friendly Church

Every church everywhere can have a positive impact in the lives of families and children. Explore ways that your church can become more friendly for families in the First Thousand Days.

Our Research

Sikunye is informed by rigorous research that we conducted in 2017, exploring the specific role that local churches can play in supporting families in the First Thousand Days.

The Church & Early Life

Sign up for our interactive webinars, exploring opportunities for the local church to play a significant role in supporting the First Thousand Days of a child’s life.

Spread The Big Idea

If you are well-connected in your community and have a desire to mobilise churches to work together to positively impact children in their FTD, sign up to become a Sikunye Community Mobiliser.

Got The Big Idea? Want to get started?

If you are not sure if your church is activated, please speak to your pastor or email us: