collaborate and refer

The church must do what the church can do – and then collaborate with others and refer families to ensure they get the care, the support and information they need. Your church is not a hospital or a clinic, but wonderfully it can refer families to those service providers to see that every family gets enough of the kind of care they need in this important season.  

One way to get started is to see who is in your church already. Maybe there is someone who works in a local NGO or government facility. Maybe one of their family members does. Look inside your church, and when you know what services are available to families, you can share that information with them. 

Explore other service providers in your community

  • More info on Mom Connect – a portal to receive important parenting information
  • Clinics (and antenatal checkups) 
  • Maternity hospitals / services 
  • Ante-natal and postnatal classes 
  • NGOs that run parenting courses / classes 
  • Other churches offering FTD-friendly activities 
  • Breastfeeding support services 
  • Counseling for postnatal depression 
  • Emergency health services – for mom / baby 
  • Child Support Grant services 
  • NGOs providing food / nutrition support