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Sikunye Events and Workshops

the church & early life

If you are new to Sikunye, this event will help you see the connection between the First Thousand Days (FTD) of a child’s life, what the Bible says, and the role of the local church. This is like an ‘open day’ for you to meet Sikunye team members and understand the big idea.

how to be 'FTD-friendly' workshop

For church leaders who have committed to supporting families but have not yet started. We help you to better understand what your church can be doing and what some of your next steps are in supporting families.

khathalela training

Supportive relationships are powerful in building up caregivers. This is a practical training equipping you to form these kinds of relationship with caregivers, and to share key messages with them – ensuring that important information and skills are being used to grow baby’s full potential.

fatherhood in the first thousand days

Fathers play an important role in a child’s development, emotional well-being, educational achievements, and future productivity – dads do actually build the brains of their children! And this starts in the womb! This training provides male role models in the church tools to journey with fathers in the first thousand days, encouraging them in their role as dad.

planning and reviewing workshops

For churches who have been putting their First Thousand Day-friendly plans into action and want a refresher on what they can do next.

practical workshops

Regularly, Sikunye provides practical training on how to run various FTD-friendly activities in your church. Choose which session is most useful to you in your context.

and check-ins

Pastors, team leaders and congregants are part of a bigger network. We host coaching sessions to learn from, encourage and pray for each other.

the Sikunye gathering

We join together online to be inspired, strengthened and reminded of the importance of investing in young families.

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