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Your church can make a significant difference in seeing children reach their God-given potential.

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The Sikunye Journey For Church Leaders

As a church leader, we know you already believe that the local church is a powerful community. So, what can you and your church do next? We outline some actions below that can guide your next steps as you explore how to best serve families with young children.

Attend The Church & Early Life. This event connects what science and medicine tell us about the First Thousand Days with God’s heart for young children and the role and opportunity the church has. This is an essential first step in understanding the important part you can play in seeing all children get a strong start to life. To find out dates and register, click here. Missed some sessions? You can get recordings of previous events in English & isiXhosa.

Commit your church If you are ready to support families with children in the First Thousand Days, then make a commitment. This opens up opportunities for training and resources from Sikunye.

 Attend a How to be an FTD-friendly church workshop. If you want more information, ideas and stories of what churches can do to support families, then attend the How to be an FTD-friendly church workshop. By the end of the webinar, you will have chosen some first steps you can take to invest in the families God has placed in your church and community. To find dates and to register, click here. You can also watch a recording in isiXhosa here.

Care and support families. As you take steps in caring for families with young children, you might want to use our step-by-step guide for church leaders. Perhaps you want to keep reading Sikunye resources, aimed at giving you essential information to guide you and share with others.

 Attend Sikunye events, workshops, and training. You might want to attend yourself or ask key leaders and members of your church to attend. Some of these events are repeat events and others address new topics every time.

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