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When you care for families with children in their First Thousand Days of life, you create opportunities for greatness to grow and thrive in our nation.

By the time a child reaches two years of age, their brain will be 80% of its adult size. The time from conception to two years is one thousand days: a never-to-be-repeated time of development. When children get what they need in this time, they will be on the path to reaching their God-given potential. But parents and caregivers face many challenges and might not be able to consistently provide what baby needs. What parents and caregivers need is support from a community. This is our big idea: the church is ideally positioned and equipped to strengthen and care for families so they can give the care that baby needs.


Everyone has a part to play

It takes more than a single parent or caregiver to raise a child – it takes us all.  If you are a church leader, you have a powerful role in building a church community that supports families with young children. If you are a church member, there are so many ways you can be part of caring for families. Be part of the modern-day village around families.

The Church & Early Life

If you want to hear more about the opportunity the local church has, join us for our Church & Early Life webinar. You will meet members of the Sikunye team, better understand the First Thousand Days and what you can be doing to support and strengthen families.

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