you can invest in the next generation.

By supporting Sikunye you can help change the future of South Africa. You will be playing a part in seeing that all children, no matter the family or circumstances, can reach their full potential.

Sikunye mobilises faith communities to be part of a Whole of Society Approach (WoSA) to early life. Because we don’t charge for the resources and services that we offer, we are reliant on the generous support of donors. Funds received are used to raise awareness about the opportunity for churches in impacting The First Thousand Days of children’s lives, to equip key individuals within these churches, and to support them through their activities in serving families with children in the First Thousand Days.

You can be part of Sikunye’s work by making a once off donation or by becoming a monthly donor via the online purchase option offered by our parent organisation, Common Good.

Donations are tax deductible

Sikunye is the Early Life initiative of Common Good, alongside our Education and Employment initiatives that together work to address key challenges in our society. As registered non-profit organisation we may issue Section 18A tax certificates on request. If you require a tax certificate, please reach out to

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