surround families

Surrounding families is all about looking for ways to build supportive relationships with caregivers. This includes finding Practical ways to come around expecting and new families in nurturing relationships – and building the modern-day village around them. At the heart of this it is about the relationships and showing love. It is about coming around families and creating spaces or opportunities in your church to allow for these types of relationships to grow and develop.  

The Bay City Church's Story

The Bay City Church’s story of being an FTD-friendly church and how they got started

Surrounding families resources for churches

Pause/reflect on what you already have relating to this. Some examples are:

    • Host a mom’s group / Host a dad’s group
    • Sunday meeting if you have a mom’s room/parents’ room – these can be facilitated times or have a volunteer hosting parents in there.
    • Host a Baby showers – congregation incl. dad / Nappy braai (dads),
    • Older man to connect with and mentor new dad – Mentorship,
    • Older women can walk with mothers – mentor new parents.
    • Support groups for teenagers who are pregnant

Some other resources to help you to get to know what would help families in FTD in your community