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You, in partnership with your church, can work to create a society in which all children have the opportunity to thrive and reach their God-given potential.

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Play Your Part to See Families Supported

Now that you have attended Sikunye’s Church & Early Life, you might want to know what you can do next. Explore some of these steps:

Speak to your Pastor about Sikunye. Your church might have already committed itself to being First Thousand Day-friendly. If you don’t know – speak to your pastor. If they have not attended The Church & Early Life, then invite them to join. You can send them the Church & Early Life page, where there are event dates and promotional videos. If you missed any sessions, you can catchup by watching previous recordings in English and isiXhosa.

If your church is activated, get started in caring for families. Find practical ways to support the families in your church and community. In conversation with your pastor, there may be a specific role that you can play. If you are leading a team, be sure to read our “Guide for FTD Teams” toolkit.

If you want to get equipped some more, feel invited to join more Sikunye events and workshops. Some of these are repeat events and others are different topics that may be answering questions that you are asking. You can also explore more of our resources. You can also invite others to these events and workshops.

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