who is Sikunye?

Your ally in seeing all children get a strong start to life. 

Sikunye's vision

Sikunye works to inspire, mobilise and equip The Church to support parents, caregivers and families to provide responsive care for their children in the First Thousand Days (FTD) of life, so that they can thrive and reach their God-given potential. 

The idea is simple: to nurture children’s full potential, churches can play a part in seeing them receive enough of what they need to thrive. And Sikunye is here to reach local churches to support them in doing what they can with what they have to make this a reality. Find out more at our The Church & Early Life events.

Sikunye is an initiative of Common Good

Common Good was founded by Common Ground Church in 2005 as an independent and registered non-profit. Common Good’s vision is for a society where individuals, communities and The Church are living and acting justly so that those marginalised by injustice are transformed and flourishing physically, spiritually, economically and socially, all for the glory of God. 

Common Good focuses on three key stages of human development, when the opportunity to nurture intrinsic potential is most significant. Through this triple-E strategy they seek to be a catalyst for positive impact in the lives of infants in their first thousand days (Early life), young learners in non-fee paying schools (Education), and the unemployed seeking opportunity to carve out a better life for themselves and their families (Employment). 

Common Good researched the question “What is the role of the local church in the First Thousand Days of a child’s life?” Our findings revealed important ways in which every local church across our country can play a positive part in seeing children reach their God-given potential. In 2019 Sikunye was officially launched. 

Sikunye works to support churches to care for families 

To see all children get a strong start to life, Sikunye works with churches in three ways: 

  • Spread the big idea about the first thousand days and the role of local churches 
  • Equip key individuals from churches with the skills and information they need to care for families 
  • Support churches on their journey of increasingly caring for and reaching out to families 

Sikunye is not a local church, or a denomination. We don’t work with the families in your church and community. We don’t instruct church leaders or have authority over them. Instead, we inspire, encourage, provide information, train, support and connect church leaders and church members who are serving families.  

Join hands with Sikunye to see all children in South Africa reach their God-given potential. 

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