Commit your church

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As a church leader, you and your church can be part of giving all children a strong start to life.

Do you:

  • want to see children in your community excel and reach their God-given potential?
  • want to see your church embrace and bless little children, like Jesus in Mark 10:16?
  • want to see your church be the community where families feel welcomed, safe and connected?

What You Get As A Church When You Commit:

  • Access to training events to equip key members and leaders in your church
  • Access to a range of support services to strengthen your work
  • Access to resources and content from events that you couldn’t attend 
  • Connections to other churches who have committed

If you are saying YES to the above, then commit your church

You will be asked to fill in a form that will give you a picture of how ‘First Thousand Day-Friendly’ your church is right now. This helps Sikunye know how best to equip you and support your work. The results of this will be shared with you and we will let you know some suggested next steps.

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