Activate your church

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As a church leader, you and your church can be part of giving all children a strong start to life.

Do you:

  • want to see children in your community excel and reach their God-given potential?
  • want to see your church embrace and bless little children, like Jesus in Mark 10:16?
  • want to see your church be the community where families feel welcomed, safe and connected?

What You Get As A Church That Has Activated With Sikunye:

  • Access to training events to equip key members and leaders in your church
  • Access to a range of support services to strengthen your work
  • Access to resources and content from events that you couldn’t attend 
  • Connections to other churches who are activated

If you are saying YES to the above, then activate your church

You will be asked to fill in a form that will give you a picture of how ‘FTD-Friendly’ your church is right now. You will then be informed of upcoming events. In the meantime, you can access the Activation Kit to get a sense of some of your next steps.

If you have activated before, but can’t find your Activation Kit, click here.