khathalela training

Grow your skills to build a supportive relationship with caregivers of young children.

‘Khathalela’ is the isiXhosa word that captures the heart of what Sikunye is aiming for: Caring, nurturing, encouraging, or to show consideration. Our hope is that in every church there is at least one person who is demonstrating this kind of love to caregivers with children in the first thousand days.

The Nurturing Care Framework outlines what baby needs in order to be healthy and develop a solid brain foundation. At the centre of this is how the caregiver interacts with and cares for baby. This is where Khathalela has its greatest impact: in the context of a caring relationship, caregivers learn and grow, using new information and skills to provide what their young child needs. This has a profound impact on baby’s wellbeing.

This training is aimed at mature and respected members of the church who would like to visit with caregivers in a loving and supportive way. Whether a church leader, ministry leader or congregant, if you want to build brains through caring for caregivers, then you will want to join this training.

This training is in the format of a 5-day WhatsApp learning journey. There are video records to watch over the week, along with discussion questions over WhatsApp. After participating in this learning journey, you will have access to a range of resources to guide your visits with mom, as well as information to share with her.

To attend these events, your pastor needs to have made a commitment for your church

If you are not sure if your church has committed to caring for families in the first thousand days, please speak to your pastor or email us: