fatherhood in the first thousand days

A training course to help the local church support and equip fathers to be positive, present and involved dads in the first thousand days.

are you passionate about fathers who have a child in the first thousand days (pregnancy to 2 years old)?

We want to see fathers engaged with their children from the very beginning – from pregnancy. We want to see dads that are present in their baby’s life, being a positive, involved, caring and loving father from even in the womb. And we see the local church being crucial in helping fathers to realise their role to play in their child’s life.

Fatherhood in the First Thousand Days training has been developed to train you – the local church – to meet with dads, to inspire them and give them to skills to be active in baby’s life. At key moments in a father’s journey in parenthood as pastor (or lead male volunteer), you can equip and prepare dads by providing vital information for that stage of life on the five building blocks that baby needs to thrive. This training is based on credibile resources and equips a pastor or lead male volunteer to facilitate conversations to share key messages – with the aim to see the story of fatherhood rewritten in communities.

Fatherhood in the first thousand days is a Church-based ministry to visit expectant or new dads. Our hope through this initiative is that churches are reaching out to fathers to inspire them and equip them to be actively and positively involved in their young child’s life. As a church leader, you can choose whether you would run this as a ministry in your church, or whether you will nominate another key male figure in your church to lead and be trained.

If you want to encourage and support fathers in your church, we are here to equip you and support you! 

Step 1: attend the information session

This 60min Zoom meeting will give you information about the programme in more detail.

This event is perfect if you: 

  1. Want to know more so that you can be trained to run it, or
  2. Want to know who more so that you can ask someone else to be trained 

Join us on Zoom 

Tuesday 9 July

7pm – 8pm

if you are the person who will be trained, your next step is…

Step 2: attend the training

What the training involves:

  1. A WhatsApp group is set up on day 1 and used for discussions and quesions over the 3 weeks looking at what is the programme and how you implement the programme using the manual
  2. There are two Zoom trainings (Tuesday 23rd June & Tuesday 6th August 7pm – 9pm)
  3. Manuals are posted to you in week 1 and we ask that you start to implement Session 1 with a dad over the next week or two, just to see how it goes
  4. The WhatsApp group will continue have discussions and after the training will continue to support one another in starting to visit a dad, or share challenges that we can pray for one another

Join us

22 July – 9 August (on WhatsApp)

with Tuesday 23 July & Tuesday 6 August

7-9pm on Zoom

Psalm 127: 3–5
“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.”