We believe that a new story can be written for the children of South Africa. And you are part of it. The name ‘Sikunye’ means “We are in this together.” It takes more than one parent, more than two parents, it takes so many more people for a young child to be on a pathway of thriving and reaching their full potential. You know we call this the modern-day village that is needed to nurture young life.

In 2024 Sikunye turns five years old. And we want you to be part of this celebration. There have been countless people that have formed the village around us, shaping us to be who we are today. From pastors, to academics, NGOs, businesses and like-minded individuals, we are so grateful for your contribution to our story.

This 60min Zoom event will inspire you and give you fresh hope for the children of South Africa.  We look forward to seeing you there.