Sikunye Gatherings

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God’s love for young children

All over God’s word we read of His great love for people. And this includes young children! We don’t have to convince God to love them. He already does!

Consider the significant challenges that children in the first thousand days face. We know that God is moved with compassion and love towards them. But what about us? Do our actions show the same care and consideration? We are to be those who demonstrate Jesus’ heart and actions like in Mark 10:16 “Then he [Jesus] took the children in his arms and placed his hands on their heads and blessed them.

Join us as we explore the Biblical motivation Christians have to care for and support families with young children and babies. We will learn from guest speakers, connect with each other, and have fresh vision for serving our country’s children.

To attend these events, your pastor needs to have made a commitment for your church

If you are not sure if your church has committed to caring for families in the first thousand days, please speak to your pastor or email us: