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Being a good parent is a big responsibility at whatever age. Teenage parents face additional challenges that negatively impact on their capacity to consistently provide what their child needs. They may experience rejection from family, community, health facilities and their church. Pregnancy makes this teenager a vulnerable child.

Every pregnancy story is unique. And the unborn child did not choose its parents or the context in which he or she was conceived. To give this baby a good start to life, and to set him or her up for success into the future, the teenage parent needs additional support and care. And at Sikunye, we believe local churches can play a unique role in strengthening these young families.

Access the recordings and range of resources here: The Church and Teen Parenting.

This first session unpacked the issues of teenage pregnancy, and the risks for mother and unborn child. We also explored why teenage pregnancy is a challenging issue for church leaders and congregations.

This second session unpacked practical ways that churches can be a supportive community around teen parents.

Let’s talk about it! This is a Question and Answer session, where you will be able to engage around the topic, and share ideas around how to put this content into practice.

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