one month old

After a month of many ‘firsts’, your household might be gradually adjusting to this new life.

Well done, you have made it through the first few weeks. Your body is still recovering and you and your newborn are still settling into routines, you are getting to know one another.  Be gentle with yourself and get as much help as you can get to help you adjust to life with a baby. It is also normal for you to feel weepy, overwhelmed, irritable and anxious but if these feelings linger share them with your support – don’t struggle alone. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have concerns or worries. They do care about your health and your baby’s health.

Your little one enjoys spending time with you. Spend time gazing into his or her eyes, taking in the smells, talking, cuddling, taking gentle walks all these interactions are growing your baby’s brain.

Mom/dad your relationship and loving bond baby is vitally important for the healthy development of a young child. Before baby can speak, the interaction between the parent and the child expressed through cuddling, eye contact, smiles, vocalization and gestures creates an emotional bond, that helps the child to understand the world around them and learn about people, relationships and language. These social interactions also stimulate brain development and help the child to feel loved, safe and secure.

Here are some helpful resources for you to learn more about the value of these responsive interactions.