one week old

A time of rapid change for baby and everyone in the household.

Birth is an incredible thing. So many ‘firsts’. Your little baby goes from being inside his/her mother, to breathing air for the first time, seeing light for the first time and being able to grip onto her mother and father. You get to hold him/her for the first time, seeing him/her. Very quickly everything changes. Nine months of waiting, with a mixture of excitement and fear, is over. The Author of Life has woven together your child in your womb and he / she is finally ‘here’.

It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed (only breast milk) your baby for the first 6 months of your baby’s life and then continue breastfeeding your baby till 2 years old. This can be challenging to do. So, seek support and help to do this. Speak to your healthcare worker to help you successfully breastfeed or to help you understand your options.

This book is for you – the caregiver. It gives you advice on how to raise a happy, healthy child.

  • See page 3 – 7 for more on good nutrition.

Feeding smart from the start. Breastfeeding pamphlet with information about how and why to breastfeed well.
There are many myths around breastfeeding. Read the most common myths and bust them!
This book is for you – the caregiver. It gives you advice on how to raise a happy, healthy child.

  • See page 2,10-14 on protection and health care.

Your baby has a right to a birth certificate as soon as he or she is born. It is important after birth you register your baby’s birth.

Checklist of what you need to get your baby’s birth certificate.
Information on social grants for South African citizens
Checklist of what you need to apply for UIF maternity benefits.

Flourish Mom&Baby Classes

Flourish mom&baby classes are designed to support you as you and your baby adjust to normal. Join a group of new moms in an experience of empowerment, wisdom, and friendship. Dial *134*48333*02# to sign up for the attend 10 sessions in your area or online.


Dial *134550# to register to receive free SMS/WhatsApp messages based on your child’s developmental stage through your pregnancy and until your child is two years old. Or ask the clinic to register you for MomConnect.

Track your baby’s development and get trustworthy expert information and guidance by registering on the BabyCenter website or App.
From birth till the first day of school you can track your child’s development and find games and ideas to build your child’s language, motor and social skills. For expert advice and more download this App.

Download for free: Androidor iOS

Expert information for pregnancy until your child’s 2nd You will find helpful resources for the 5 building blocks and the developmental stages as your baby grows.
With Vroom, it’s easy to be a brain-builder. Free science-based tips and fun activities to help parents and caregivers give children a great start in life.
Do More Foundation has an early childhood information hub where you can find activities and more to help you stimulate your child’s development in the early years.

This App is to support you as you care for your baby and children under four years to help you facilitate learning through play at home with easy-to-understand activities. You will find weekly activities, information articles, and age-appropriate books in different languages and more.

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You can download the app from the respective links below:

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Android: ECDMobi – Apps on Google Play