Welcome to pregnancy! This is the start of an incredible journey.

Each pregnancy story is unique. This time can be filled with a range of emotions, and it is completely normal if there are doubts, fears, confusion, and worries mixed with joy, and excitement. Mothers and fathers need the supportive relationships of family and friends to assist them to care for themselves and their baby. You do not need to do this alone. If you are feeling stressed, isolated, and sad – speak up and ask for help.

Mom, there are many changes happening in your body as your baby grows. So, you need to pay careful attention to your health for your baby to thrive and be healthy. Therefore, going to the local clinic or your health care provider is vital for your health.

Your unborn baby needs a healthy mother who is able to give love and attention. You matter!

Here are resources to help you with valuable information to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and your unborn baby gets a strong start to life.

Baby’s brain is developing in the womb. At around week 7, the brain will grow at a rate of 250,000 neurons per minute for the next 21 weeks. You have a role to play in helping that development be healthy!

During pregnancy, the baby’s health is dependent on mom’s health and wellbeing. This means that your healthy habits and healthcare seeking behaviour is essential.

Visiting your local clinic or health care provider early (by 12 weeks)

Going regularly for appointments is crucial for your health and for your baby’s health as well as to have a safe birth.
Healthy habits for pregnancy: eating healthy and other activities to do to keep you and your baby healthy.
For pregnant mothers to help you through pregnancy, delivery and beyond
This pamphlet covers information to help you understand the changes of pregnancy better and help you be better prepared for motherhood.

Have you thought about attending pregnancy classes / antenatal classes? These are classes to help equip and prepare you for the birth and arrival of your baby. At the same time, you can build friendships with other women who are also pregnant (peer support).

Attend 10 sessions of pregnancy classes in your area or online. Flourish classes support mothers get ready for baby in a caring and safe environment.

Reach out to your local church for support

There are so many websites, pamphlets and brochures about pregnancy and childbirth. We have gathered a few to help you make the best of this important season.

Dial *134550# to register to receive free SMS/WhatsApp messages based on your child’s developmental stage through your pregnancy and until your child is two years old. Or ask the clinic to register you for MomConnect.
Track your baby’s development and get trustworthy expert information and guidance by registering on the BabyCenter website or App.
Expert information for pregnancy until your child’s 2nd You will find helpful resources for the 5 building blocks and the developmental stages as your baby grows.