preparing for birth

Your baby is coming soon and you are getting ready to welcome him or her.

Your due date of baby’s arrival is drawing nearer. You may be feeling nervous, excited, scared, happy – or all of the above. It is normal to have some fears about birth and all that may be unknown. Being prepared and planning for baby’s arrival can help you feel more confident and ready for this important time.

Remember to ask your healthcare worker questions about having a safe birth to help you prepare and know what to expect.

Here are resources to help you with valuable information about birth, labour and caring for your baby after birth.

Plan to bond with your newborn baby.

A practice that is good for you and your newborn baby is immediately after birth to have your baby on your chest, skin-to-skin. You can do this regularly with your newborn baby. This helps a lot with bonding and breastfeeding.

Skin-to-skin is a practice that a new father can do with his newborn baby. This helps him bond and builds his baby’s brain.

It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed (only breast milk) your baby for the first 6 months of your baby’s life and then continue breastfeeding your baby till 2 years old. This can be challenging to do. So, seek support and help to do this. Speak to your healthcare worker to help you successfully breastfeed or to help you understand your options