Eerste-duisend-dae-vriendelike Kerk

Kinders kan alleen maar gedy binne gesinne wat omgee. En vir gesinne om deelnemende versorging aan hulle kinders te kan bied, het hulle ‘n ondersteunend gemeenskap nodig.

Die kerk is goed geposisioneer, dalk beter as enige ander instellings, om ‘n egte gemeenskap daar te stel. Kerke kan dit wat hulle in werklikheid reeds is of reeds doen, gebruik om meer EDD-vriendelik te word en ‘n ruimte te skep waarbinne liefdevolle verhoudinge gevorm kan word.

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To enable loving connections, we need to…

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To enable loving connections, we need to…

Create welcoming spaces

Use your space to create a welcoming, safe environment for families.

Is the space you are meeting in a place that moms, dads and children love to come to each week? Discover how you can use your space to create an environment that fosters a sense of care and belonging.

Speak Up

Speak up in your church and networks to spread the big idea.

Churches have trusted voices in communities. You can use your existing moments of preaching and teaching to share the opportunity of the First Thousand Days. Whether in public, in private, on social media, or in networking moments, discover how you can spread awareness.

Surround families

Show intentional care for families in this unique stage of life.

Through the existing resources in your congregation, targeted and specific care can be given to families in this demanding season of life. The church can be the modern-day village, providing the support and encouragement that no other service provider can.

Collaborate and Refer

Partner with service providers and other churches.

As important as the church is in serving families in the FTD, they cannot be and do everything. Your church exists in a community that may have a range of services and resources to strengthen families. Find out how you can use your presence to collaborate with others.

Equip and Prepare

Offer directed and intentional training and preparation for parents and caregivers.

You can put formal and informal training and mentoring moments in place to deploy your faith community to serve families. Explore ways that you can do this.


Use the power of prayer to bless families.

Prayer is powerful means to bless and encourage families. It also changes the hearts of the people praying. Find out how to use this gift in your church to care for families and disciple congregants.

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