How to be an 'FTD-friendly' church workshop

Helping you choose your first steps in becoming
an FTD-friendly church

Are you a church leader who…

  Has attended The Church & Early Life?

  Has committed yourself and your church to being FTD-friendly?

  Wants to learn more about what you can do to support and strengthen families?

  Wants to move into action?

Then Sikunye’s How to be an FTD-friendly church workshop is for you.

This free workshop looks at practical ways that your church can be that ‘modern day village’ around families. You are already positioned and equipped to have a big, positive impact on families. God has put strengths and assets in your congregation. He has placed you in your community. You have ideas and dreams of how to see all children get a strong start to life.

This workshop will help you identify some of your next steps so that you can get moving. You will learn from the Sikunye team and other churches. You will be inspired and equipped to take bold steps towards becoming First Thousand Day Friendly. These are repeat events that you only need to attend once.

To attend these events, your pastor needs to have made a commitment for your church

If you are not sure if your church has committed to caring for families in the first thousand days, please speak to your pastor or email us: