Coaching and check-ins

Joining hands, we can work to support and encourage each other.

Being part of Sikunye means you are in this together with people all over the country. People in churches similar to yours and those very different. What keeps bringing us together is a commitment to seeing all young children get a strong start to life.

We understand that as you care for families, you may need a space for support, to grow your skills and to share your experiences. Sikunye creates these monthly check-in spaces for us to connect with and learn from each other.

These hour-long conversations are aimed at encouraging you in this important work. Whether you are a pastor, champion, volunteer, home-visitor or ministry leader, you are welcome! You will learn from each other, inspire each other and share their successes and struggles.

Links to these Zoom meetings are posted via our WhatsApp broadcast group and requests for data are done via WhatsApp, too. To be added to the broadcast, please follow the steps outlined on the Church Leaders page or Church Members pages.

To attend these events, your pastor needs to have made a commitment for your church

If you are not sure if your church has committed to caring for families in the first thousand days, please speak to your pastor or email us: