Lunchtime Conversations

Regular conversations and input to support you in serving families

Twice a month, Sikunye hosts supportive webinars. We understand that as you care for families, you may need a space for personal support, to grow your skills and to share your experiences. These hour-long webinars are aimed at equipping you, addressing questions you might have and connecting you to other like-minded people from across the country.

We invite experts to share input, different resources, and tools with you after the webinars that you can use or pass on to others in your church. These conversations are an important part in preparing you to serve others well.

If your church has activated (signed up with Sikunye), you will be added to our Whatsapp noticeboard, where links to these webinars will be posted. These conversations will inform you, inspire you and strengthen you to care for families.  You are welcome to join in, whether you are new to the Sikunye story, or have been with us since the beginning.

To attend these events, your pastor needs to have activated your church

If you are not sure if your church is activated, please speak to your pastor or email us: