Book-sharing lays the foundation for later learning

Book-sharing is a wonderfully simple and effective way to improve children’s language, attention span and brain development – laying the foundations necessary to go to school. It also enhances children’s social skills, helping them to better understand, empathize with and get along with people. ​


The practice of book-sharing, involves an adult engaging a child in conversation with a picture book, relating it to the child’s own experience, encouraging curiosity and thinking skills; it is a wonderfully simple and effective way to drive children’s language development, increase attention span, and advance their cognitive development and social understanding. Parents and caregivers are also transformed by book-sharing, with studies showing that they become more sensitive and responsive to their child’s interests, communication and feelings – irrespective of their economic status or education. Most importantly, bonding over a book stimulates a rich and rewarding interaction for both the caregiver and child.

Sikunye, in partnership with The Mikhulu Trust, offers a 5-day training to church volunteers wishing to implement supportive book-sharing with parents and caregivers of children in the First Thousand Days (FTD) of life. Book-sharing, which is endorsed by the World Health Organization, is an 8-week parenting course (once a week) designed to stimulate a rich interaction between an adult and a child over a wordless picture-book.

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