1000 churches for the first 1000 days

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1000 churches for the first 1000 days

In 2023 there will be just over a million births in South Africa – every life precious and brimming with potential. Tragically, it is estimated that up to half of these young ones do not consistently receive enough of what they need for their brains to build essential foundations. To see a brighter future for our children, we need to intervene – and intervene early.

The importance of community

When parents are held in caring communities, their wellbeing and coping mechanisms improve, enabling them to provide nurturing, responsive caregiving to their child. All parents need encouragement, affirmation and access to the accurate knowledge from a loving and supportive community. They need to belong and to be connected into this kind of community to ensure their ability to care effectively for their baby. And all children everywhere need the kind of care that is nurturing and responsive.

This is where the local church comes in. Every family with a young child is within reach of church community. Imagine if churches across the nation stepped forward to play their unique role in seeing children flourish! The future of our country would be so much brighter.

Sikunye is at work

Sikunye is committed to raising awareness about the importance of the first thousand days of a child’s life and the role the local church has. We encourage churches to commit themselves to caring for families and then learn how they can use their existing strengths and assets to care for families. Churches leverage what they have in a culturally relevant way to journey with families through this important phase of life.

1000 churches for the first 1000 days

In 2023, Sikunye wants to grow the network of churches caring for families in the first thousand days. We currently have 582 churches who have made that commitment. By the end of the year, we want to see a total of 1000 churches caring for families in the first 1000 days.

You can be part of this

Understanding the importance of the first thousand days is a relatively new field of study. And most pastors and churches leaders have not yet heard of it. Sikunye is committed to inspiring church leaders to recognize this crucial window of time, as well as see the role their church could have. Sikunye regularly hosts The Church & Early Life events, where we share what science and medicine reveal about brain development, the theological motivation for church leaders as well as what opportunities exist for churches to play their unique role.

You are part of this story. By talking to church leaders and inviting them to The Church & Early Life events, you can be part of seeing new communities of care and support being formed around families. Your conversation could lead to young children reaching their God-given potential.

Join us – help see 1000 churches across South Africa caring for families in the first 1000 days.

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