Families and prayers in action.

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Families and prayers in action.

Prayer is a powerful gift that God has given his people. When we pray, we are connecting with the omnipotent One, the One who can do far more than we can imagine. We recognize his divine power, our human weakness and that we need his intervention in our stories.

Too easily we can overlook or exclude families in our prayer lives, only interceding in times of crisis.  A mark of a First-Thousand Day Friendly Church is that they pray for and with families in this stage. They in a never-to-be-repeated time and they need additional support in order to flourish. Churches can mobilise a range of members to intercede, to stand with and to bless families in prayer.

To paint this picture, we have captured a few quotations from churches that are praying for families in and around their church. 

We have a WhatsApp FTD prayer warrior group. This is with prayer warriors and is a confidential group where specifics are prayed for. A struggling mom who has been vulnerable with a home visitor or loving connector and has given permission for sharing on the group will be covered in prayer.

Common Ground Church, Durbanville

“I have been supporting a family of four, who have a little girl of 7 months born with Down Syndrome. I have accompanied the family to attend therapy for their daughter – and I have been encouraging the mother as she is struggling. It is hard for her to accept the situation of her daughter. I have been praying for this family, and we agreed to do two weeks of prayer. I have also encouraged them to read Psalm 139 every night.”

Kutlwanong Church of The Nazarene

We find our family dedication moments in church the best opportunity to pray for families. It is a moment for the church to acknowledge that families are a blessing and welcome in our community. The families get to share their hopes and prayers for their new babies. There is also an opportunity for leaders, life group members and family to come around them and pray for them in the service. This is a powerful blessing upon them, as well as a great visual reminder to the whole congregation to be seeing and praying for the FTD families in our space!

Common Ground Church, Rondebosch

When we visit families in their home, we all pray when we come in and pray when we leave as well. This we do to instill the culture of prayer and knowing that in spite of what other people believe, God is above all. So, our visits are monthly from the day we get to know. It covers everything from spiritual to physical changes of mom and help dad understand this. We also pray in the evening for these families.

Old Apostolic Church, Johannesburg


What can you and your church be doing to include families in your prayer moments?


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