Sikunye Champions

Sikunye Champions are passionate about supporting their church communities to connect and care for families with infants in the First Thousand Days (FTD).

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Sikunye Champions are Christ-followers who support their church leader to grow their church into a FTD-friendly community, supporting families with young children. Champions play a leading role in defining a FTD-plan for the church, finding volunteers to visit families, and starting conversations with others to see the whole church surrounding and caring for families.

What A Champion Does:

Sikunye Champions are leaders of a team of people who are actively serving families. They are listening to parents, finding opportunities and connecting with church leaders to plan how the church can best serve families. The Champion does not do all the activities, but rather recruits people into the team and provides leadership to them.  The Champion is the point-person between the church and Sikunye and communicates between all the various people to make sure everyone knows what is happening. The Champion leads a process of planning to ensure that the church is doing what it can to serve families well.

Are You In?

Are you the ‘make it happen’ person who can draw others in to see families strengthened and supported? If so, here are some of your next steps:

Speak to your church leader. We believe it is best that the church leadership is aware of efforts to serve families. If he or she has activated your church, then they already know who Sikunye is. If they are unaware, then invite them in to a Church & Early Life event to help get them on board.

Register as a champion. Complete the application form. This will ensure that we can connect with you, support you and inform you of upcoming events and resources. 

Use the range of tools and resources in the Guide for FTD Teams. This gives you details and tools to help you move forward. Explore the rest of our resources to find answers to questions you might have.

Start to grow a team. Using the tools in your guide and start talking to other church members who you think would be interested in serving families. You want to do this with others. A good first step for them is to attend the Church & Early Life Webinars to understand the big idea.

Attend Champions Planning. These are essential webinars, equipping you to make a plan for your church and how it can serve families. This isn’t about copying other churches, but exploring how you, your team and your church can invest in young lives with what you already have. Explore more here.